Yosemite (10.10.3) & rsync & UTF-8

Yosemite and all predecessors to my knowledge come with rsync 2.6.9. When using Capistrano or any other deployment tool you might want to synchronise assets to and from your local development environment.

When dealing with UTF-8 encoded filenames an error occured in trace_output.rb telling me about an invalid byte-sequence regarding utf-8 characters. By googling I stumbled upon a SO thread which pointed me into the right direction.


But rsync 2.6.9 doesn’t support this. So what to do?

Homebrew saves yet another day:

brew install rsync

Finally edit /private/etc/paths and put /usr/local/bin ahead of /usr/bin and restart Terminal

Now you can use above option with rsync and sync all your assets.

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