WP, Git, Capistrano

There were plenty of things that kept me from building things with WordPress:

  • It’s lack of structure when it comes to separation of code.
  • Most themes you get are a mess. One huge JS/CSS file with no source files or anything.
  • Most of the plugins are a huge mess of injected CSS, JS and HTML into on big file.
  • Gulp / Grunt seems to be pretty unknown.

But when delivering quality work you need to do this kind of work:

  • Structure, separate, abstract your code to make it more readable for any other developer
  • Use build tools to automate certain processes

As I said in the beginning there were plenty of things. All these barriers are in the past and WordPress and its developers and community have evolved.

Sage Theme

Sage is a starter theme with all the mandatory tools you need to build an State-of-the-Art website, application:

  • Build with Gulp
  • Sass
  • HTML5 ready
  • Theme wrapper
  • Bootstrap3
  • Micro-templates


WP-Deploy is an automation framework for WordPress.


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