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  • WordPress
  • Virtual Server with 4GB RAM, 2 CPU
  • NGINX with PHP5-FPM in support, simple microcaching
  • NEWRELIC for monitoring
  • Mailserver with Spamassassin

Food is fantastic! That’s the message of foodtastic.
The writer, Eva, is a dear friend of mine and asked me if I could extend some functionality of her food-blog to increase the usability. Therefore a almost full reset in terms of theming had to be done and all assets needed to be ported to modern day tools, e.g LESS, gulp, capistrano to mention some. is built upon WordPress and plugins support it. Several plugins are custom-made to optimize and support the administrators workflow.

As of now is one of the most growing blogs in Austria and in the german speaking countries. Eva has won several awards, including the AMA Food Blog Award for best newcomer 2014.

If you’re into healthy food, good cooking visit