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MODx lacks a real preview function! WordPress, CraftCMS, probably every other CMS out there has a preview of unsaved changes. MODx hasn’t. So I came up with it. It was a tough fight though, as ExtJS is sometimes hard to get at.

This piece of work is absolutely not ready for production environments. So please don’t do it! If this gave you an idea on how to make your own solution for a preview in MODx feel free to post a link in belows comment section.

UPDATE 2014-11-01: I’m currently working on a way better implementation but still in the beginnings. So check out sooner or later.

UPDATE 2014-11-11: Below is a refactor version of MODx (unsaved) previewer!


  1. Araguayan

    Hi! I use modx 2.3.3 and It don’t work as I expect.
    When I’ve clicked Vorschau, it has saved and published the page, then show a popup with published version and not a preview of changes.
    Vorschau do same thing that ‘Save’ button, but after show a popup window.
    Thanks for your work, i wait that you may fix it in modx 2.3.

    Something else, excuse me any orthographic or grammatical error… I don’t speak english. My language is spanish…

    1. hoot

      Hi @Araguayan,
      sorry for my late reply. I will have a look into it on MODx 2.3 and come back to you.
      Thanks for your patience.

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