EE Autocomplete Search

For a recent project I had to implement an autocomplete function into Expression Engine’s search module. As always the most important rule was not to touch the core at all and make installation and usage as easy as possible.

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WP-CLI and separated structure

An issue with WP-CLI and a WordPress installation with separated parts (WP-Core & WP-Content).

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Customize Magento’s Cart Controller

Recently I had to customise Magento’s Cart Controller to ajaxify the process to add products to the cart.

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Yosemite (10.10.3) & rsync & UTF-8

Yosemite and all predecessors to my knowledge come with rsync 2.6.9. When using Capistrano or any other deployment tool you might want to synchronise assets to and from your local development environment.

When dealing with UTF-8 encoded filenames an error occured in trace_output.rb telling me about an invalid byte-sequence regarding utf-8 characters. By googling I stumbled upon a SO thread which pointed me into the right direction.

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WP, Git, Capistrano

There were plenty of things that kept me from building things with WordPress:

  • It’s lack of structure when it comes to separation of code.
  • Most themes you get are a mess. One huge JS/CSS file with no source files or anything.
  • Most of the plugins are a huge mess of injected CSS, JS and HTML into on big file.
  • Gulp / Grunt seems to be pretty unknown.

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PDF Generator – WordPress Plugin

Coming soon…

Magento Customer Prices

In a recent project we had to implement an extension to enable specific prices for each customer. Our customer is a hardware retailer and its customer range varies from the single plumber to huge companies. Companies normally tend to be hard negotiating partner and demand discounts as they order not just a single hammer or nail.

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MODx real preview

MODx lacks a real preview function! WordPress, CraftCMS, probably every other CMS out there has a preview of unsaved changes. MODx hasn’t. So I came up with it. It was a tough fight though, as ExtJS is sometimes hard to get at.

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