WordPress Slick Gallery

Easily turn WP gallery into a Slick slider. Enable the plugin, add/edit your galleries and set slick properties through custom gallery sidebar options.

WP Slick Gallery

This plugin wouldn’t be possible without the last carousel you’ll ever need: slick.js

Pull-Request #1

I did it! I just sent my first pull-request!
Which project? Wordmove – Capistrano for WordPress.

We had some issues with DB-Tables regarding their encoding and Wordmove couldn’t import the dumpfile. So I came up with an exclude option which can be added to Movefile and all excluded tables will be skipped on export.

Here it is:  Wordmove Pull-Request

Contact Form 7 Statifier – HTML files for your forms

Tired of writing Contact Form 7 forms and emails in the WP-admin area? Not a real code editor at hand? Manually inline your email’s CSS for compatibility reasons? You prefer to keep it in a version control system? Contact Form 7 Statifier to the rescue.

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WordPress ACF Readonly

ACF, shorthand for Advanced Custom Fields, is one of the most exclusive plugins there is. It really takes the pain out of custom field creation and makes it really easy to extend your WordPress setup fast. Recenlty I wanted to set some field, which is filled automatically, to read-only to prevent wrong values in this specific field. So I thought ACF covers that. But it turned out this is not possible via the UI (afaik).
Therefore I looked up the documentation and found acf/load_field.

Add the following filter to your functions.php in order to set a field (field_readonly) to readonly:

function acf_set_readonly($field) {
if($field['_name'] == 'field_readonly')
$field['readonly'] = 1;
return $field;
add_filter('acf/load_field', 'acf_set_readonly');

Disable NextGen Gallery Cache

NextGen Gallery is the most popular WordPress gallery plugin. It comes with a lot of options, features, extensions, …
Also several caching concepts are implemented, one of it being “template caching”. To disable NextGen Gallery Cache entirely I’ve found 2 possible options:

As a query parameter: ?ngg_force_update=1
As a constant (in wp-config.php): define('PHOTOCRATI_CACHE', false);

Hope this helps somebody.

WP Option Tree Post Checkboxes & Select ignoring admin language

Option Tree can generate a list of checkboxes displaying your posts (or any other post-type). But the generated checkboxes don’t take in the language as Option Tree uses get_posts to fetch the posts from the DB. So you will end up a with a long list of posts where some might have the same title and you can’t distinguish one language from the other.
5 lines of code to the rescue!

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A picture is worth a 1000 memories

I recently had a bug that made me pretty angry. Load, CPU & Memory would randomly go nuts. The logs told me something about a memory issue in various places around the (WordPress) application. Nothing specific to nail it down precisely. So I went for it: Optimize the server until this thing vanishes.

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Let’s Encrypt with NGINX (Ajenti)

Encryption is a bad word, at least for everybody connected to any kind of government agency regarding collecting data from the vast majority of their people.
The project Let’s Encrypt is a service to make certificates available for free for everybody.

This manual is intended to help you creating and installing SSL-certificate(s) on your machine really easy.

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MODx JSLog – Log JS errors server-side

Since the rise of JS-frameworks (like jQuery, prototype, ExtJS) it has become a huge part of nowadays web-based applications. DOM-manipulation became easy, AJAX requests are done everywhere, form validation, animations, and all those things which were and are done via JS. And it is all happening on the client-side so nothing to worry about server-side. The client’s browser is responsible for the correct interpretation of JS.

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EE Weighted Search

This is actually my first plugin (extension) for Expression Engine. It’s called Weighted Search and allows you to customize your search results through weight distribution on each channel and field which is available in EE-CP.

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