EE Weighted Search


This is actually my first plugin (extension) for Expression Engine. It’s called Weighted Search and allows you to customize your search results through weight distribution on each channel and field which is available in EE-CP.

The extension hooks into channel_search_modify_search_query and completely rewrites the search query by taking all weighted fields or channels into account and stores this new query into the prepared (by EE) table exp_search. That is all there is to do.

If you want to install this extension please check the install file and modify the field / channel IDs accordingly. In a future version this will be much easier as the install script will fetch all fields / channels during install and create all necessary settings automatically. As well an easier way to add fields / channels afterwards.

The current release is stable and should work out of the box, but please consider implementing first into a development / staging area before deploying onto production level.

Link to Github Repository: EE Weighted Search

Important notice: You’ll need at least EE 2.8.x as all prior versions lack some important hooks (events).


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