WP Option Tree Post Checkboxes & Select ignoring admin language


Option Tree can generate a list of checkboxes displaying your posts (or any other post-type). But the generated checkboxes don’t take in the language as Option Tree uses get_posts to fetch the posts from the DB. So you will end up a with a long list of posts where some might have the same title and you can’t distinguish one language from the other.
5 lines of code to the rescue!

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A picture is worth a 1000 memories

I recently had a bug that made me pretty angry. Load, CPU & Memory would randomly go nuts. The logs told me something about a memory issue in various places around the (WordPress) application. Nothing specific to nail it down precisely. So I went for it: Optimize the server until this thing vanishes.

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Let’s Encrypt with NGINX (Ajenti)


Encryption is a bad word, at least for everybody connected to any kind of government agency regarding collecting data from the vast majority of their people.
The project Let’s Encrypt is a service to make certificates available for free for everybody.

This manual is intended to help you creating and installing SSL-certificate(s) on your machine really easy.

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